It Goes Quiet

It Goes Quiet


It Goes Quiet

A candidate for town council and his campaign manager solicit money and support at a backyard fundraiser. While canvassing the candidate is invited into the home of a laborer where they form an unexpected bond. (10 min)

Written, Directed, Produced by Andrew Zox & Daniel Zox   

Featuring: Alex Manette, Catherine Curtain, Chance Kelly, Allyce Beasley, Gayle Rankin
Cinematography by Nick Perron-Siegel
Production Design by Lauren Brown

Directors' Statement:
It Goes Quiet reflects a local politician's campaign experience. Beyond the surface agenda, it's difficult to know what ultimately motivates a political personality. Is it a displeasure with the status quo, craving for control, desperation for personal connection?

I'm interested in the seemingly meaningless automatic gestures from politicians and how these gestures are perceived. An impromptu interaction between politician and constituent can transform into an uncanny intimacy. These off-moments are revealing and more character defining than a candidate's scripted speech.

Athens International Film + Video Festival, 2014
Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival, 2014

Camera: Arri Alexa
Lenses: Master Primes & Angenieux Zoom
Color: Tyler Roth, Company 3

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